Scope of Activity

At TRICEP, we have a team of skilled chemists and engineers engaged in developing and formulating a wide range of bioinks. These inks are comprised of materials that are compatible with living cells. They protect the cells during printing and ensure appropriate cellular development. The ability to print 3D structures wherein bioink compositions and different cell types are strategically distributed to effect tissue regeneration has been clearly demonstrated. These multifunctional biomaterial compositions are critical to success in 3D bioprinting.


Focus and Development 

Our focus is on the development of bioinks that are translatable. We work closely with primary industries including Australian seaweed farmers to source the materials required for formulation of high quality bioinks.

We are developing customised bioinks and have established the state-of-the-art facilities required for scale up. The quality control laboratory is equipped with all the key analytical tools needed to ensure our end products comply with the highest quality standards. We have also put sterilisation procedures in place and have carried out shelf life studies to establish optimal storage conditions as well as developed packaging and delivery protocols to ensure that the high quality product that leaves TRICEP reaches your laboratory.

If you would like to enquire further about our Bioinks, contact TRICEP Associate Director Dr Sanjeev Gambhir below.


*Algi-MA samples were characterised for the test

** Test for quantification of RGD functionalisation

Note: These bioinks are temperature sensitive and transported under controlled environment.