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Customised Bioprinters

The Ed3D is an intuitive and flexible biofabrication platform, developed with the input of world leading clinicians, but focused on operation at the forefront of research and training.

  • Footprint: 450x400x440mm

  • Power supply: 5A 12V standalone

  • Viscosity range for ink: 1-8000cps*

  • Maximum print force: 80N

  • Max print speed: 32 mm/s

  • Minimum feature size: Coaxial – 800 µm Core – 400 µm

  • Material temp Range: 5-40oC**

  • Variable LED intensity: 405 nm, 50 – 400mw/cm2 ***

  • Substrate: Petri-dish, glass slide – Cooling option

  • Accessible build Area: 88*108*50mm

  • Connectivity: USB

  • Software: TRICEP BIOGUI

  • Supported file types: Gcode

  • X,Y, Z precision: X: 26µm  Y: 12µm   Z: 0.2µm ****