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TRICEP brings together local industry with additive manufacturing expertise

The Translational Research Initiative for Cell Engineering and Printing (TRICEP) hosted a collaborative engagement workshop last Thursday, bringing together local industry with additive manufacturing expertise.

Marking the half-way point for the initiative’s innovative industry engagement approach, the workshop kicked off at the TRICEP headquarters on Montague Street in North Wollongong to first showcase the latest additive manufacturing technology and future developments.

This was followed by a workshop where international best-practice business cases were presented. These innovative overseas companies adopted and incorporated additive manufacturing technology as part of their manufacturing system, providing additional value to their customers.

The day then concluded in at the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Makerspace – at the UOW Innovation Campus – where participants engaged in a design-fiction activity run by the Faculty of Arts. In a final session, additive manufacturing knowledge was transferred from technicians, including researchers and industry partners.

The workshop had been well anticipated, with TRICEP Industry Engagement Manager Dr Tillmann Bőhme and UOW’s Dr Brogan Rylands visiting all participating companies who attended earlier this year between late January and mid-February. The visits were essential in supporting businesses transferring additive manufacturing technology into their industry setting.

“The workshop was designed to provide companies with the exposure to the latest additive manufacturing technology. Companies now have to further identify opportunities for potential additive manufacturing applications within their own businesses and associated supply chains,” Dr Bőhme said.

“The day was very well received, including by our sponsor AusIndustry, and the key takeaway was twofold; first understanding business context is essential for effective technology transfer and second, universities need to take on a stronger network facilitator role in translating industry 4.0 concepts into industry clusters.”

Dr Bohme and Dr Rylands will follow up with all participating companies in May during the second site visit.


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