Virtual Lab Tour

The TRICEP facility brings together technology and expertise needed to source bioink material components as well as to purify, modify and characterise these. Development of appropriate bioink formulations, sterilisation and packaging are all integrated on-site. Learn more here.

Customised Bioprinters

This part of the tour gives some insights into the facilities and expertise we have available in the areas of 3D polymer and 3D metal printing. Using state of the art polymer and metal printers we can produce a range of 3D structures for use in medical applications. We also utilise these capabilities in printing components that are assembled into customised printing solutions for specific medical applications.


A collaboration with Prof Toby Coates and his team at the Royal Adelaide Hospital has led to the development of a customised bioprinter capable of delivering three different cell types and associated biomaterials in a way that improves the efficacy of islet cell transplantation to treat diabetes. The resultant structures act as a "trojan horse" to protect the precious donor islet cells.


Working with the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and clinician Dr Payal Mukherjee, we are building customised printers to create replica prosthetic and living ears. 3D Alek is a customised device capable of creating hybrid structures that provides structural integrity as well as an appropriate environment for cartilage growth as required for the living ear.